The Heritage of The South by Jubal Anderson Early

The Heritage of The South

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The Heritage of The South

“The Heritage of The South”

is a book written by Jubal Anderson Early, a Confederate general and historian, and first published in 1890. The book is a defense of the Confederate cause and a celebration of Southern heritage in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Early was a controversial figure in his time, known for his outspoken defense of the Confederacy and his opposition to Reconstruction policies. He wrote “The Heritage of The South” in response to what he saw as a growing movement to denigrate Southern culture and history in the years following the war.

The book is divided into two sections: the first is a defense of the Confederate cause, while the second is a celebration of Southern culture and heritage. In the first section, Early argues that the Confederacy was fighting for noble principles, such as states’ rights and the defense of Southern society and culture. He also defends the institution of slavery, arguing that it was not the brutal system that many Northern critics portrayed it as.

Early’s defense of the Confederacy is rooted in his belief in the superiority of Southern culture and civilization. He argues that the South was a more refined and cultured society than the North, with a stronger sense of tradition and a more deeply ingrained sense of morality. He also argues that the South was fighting to preserve its unique way of life in the face of Northern aggression and interference.

In the second section of the book, Early celebrates Southern heritage in all its forms. He extols the virtues of Southern literature, music, art, and architecture, arguing that these cultural traditions are a vital part of the nation’s heritage. He also praises the Southern people themselves, portraying them as a proud, independent, and heroic people with a rich and storied history.

Throughout the book, Early uses a range of rhetorical devices to make his case. He employs vivid imagery, emotive language, and powerful metaphors to create a sense of Southern identity and pride. He also uses historical anecdotes and quotations to support his arguments and to demonstrate the depth and richness of Southern culture and heritage.

Despite its controversial subject matter, “The Heritage of The South” was a popular book in its time and continues to be studied and debated today. Some critics have praised Early’s defense of the Confederate cause and his celebration of Southern culture, arguing that he was an important voice in preserving the memory of the Confederacy and the South. Others have criticized the book as a defense of slavery and racism, arguing that it is a relic of a bygone era and has little relevance to modern society.

Regardless of its place in modern discourse, “The Heritage of The South” remains an important historical document that provides valuable insights into the attitudes and beliefs of Southern society in the aftermath of the Civil War. As such, it continues to be studied and debated by historians, scholars, and students of Southern culture and history.

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