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Wilderness Honey by Frank Lillie Pollock

Wilderness Honey

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Wilderness Honey

“Wilderness Honey”

is a charming and engaging memoir by Frank Lillie Pollock, first published in 1935. The book tells the story of Pollock’s experiences as a beekeeper in the wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada, in the early years of the 20th century.

Pollock was a city-dweller who yearned for adventure and the opportunity to live closer to nature. In 1907, he and his wife decided to leave their home in Toronto and move to a remote cabin in the wilderness, where they could pursue their dream of becoming beekeepers.

The book is a vivid and detailed account of their experiences living in the wilderness, and the challenges and joys of beekeeping. Pollock writes with a warmth and humor that brings the story to life, and his descriptions of the natural beauty of the wilderness are both evocative and poetic.

Through his experiences as a beekeeper, Pollock also offers insights into the life and behavior of bees, and the intricacies of honey production. He describes the various types of bees that inhabit the wilderness, their habits and behaviors, and the various tools and techniques that beekeepers use to manage their hives.

But “Wilderness Honey” is more than just a memoir of beekeeping. It is also a meditation on the virtues of simplicity, self-sufficiency, and living in harmony with nature. Pollock extols the virtues of the wilderness, and the spiritual and emotional benefits of living a simpler and more natural life.

The book is also a historical snapshot of life in Canada in the early years of the 20th century. Pollock provides a glimpse into the challenges and joys of life in the wilderness, and the ways in which people survived and thrived in this rugged and unforgiving environment.

Overall, “Wilderness Honey” is a delightful and charming memoir that offers a fascinating insight into the life and work of a beekeeper in the Canadian wilderness. It is also a meditation on the virtues of simplicity and self-sufficiency, and a celebration of the natural world and its many wonders. The book remains a classic of nature writing and a beloved work of Canadian literature.

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