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Chéri (French) Author by Colette


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Chéri (French) by Colette


is a novel written by the French author Colette and published in 1920. It tells the story of a young man named Chéri, who is the spoiled son of a wealthy courtesan in turn-of-the-century Paris. Chéri is known for his good looks and charming personality, and he lives a life of luxury and indulgence with his mother’s clients.

However, Chéri’s life changes when he falls in love with a much older woman named Léa, who is also a courtesan and a friend of his mother. Despite the significant age difference between them, Chéri and Léa embark on a passionate and tumultuous affair that challenges their preconceived notions of love and relationships.

The novel explores themes of love, aging, societal expectations, and the roles of men and women in early 20th-century France. Colette’s writing is known for its sensuality, psychological depth, and poetic language, and “Chéri” is no exception. The characters are complex and nuanced, with conflicting emotions and desires that are at odds with the expectations of their society.

Colette was a groundbreaking author, known for her frank and honest depictions of love and sexuality, and for her unapologetic portrayal of women as complex and independent beings. “Chéri” is one of her most famous works, and has been adapted for the stage and screen multiple times.

The novel offers a window into the complex and often oppressive societal norms of early 20th-century France, where women were expected to be subservient and men were praised for their sexual conquests. Colette challenges these norms and offers a new perspective on love and relationships, showing that true love and passion can exist outside of traditional societal expectations.

“Chéri” is a timeless work of literature that continues to resonate with readers today, offering a powerful commentary on love, relationships, and the human condition. It is a testament to Colette’s talent as a writer, and to her contribution to the feminist movement and the world of literature.

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