Dorothy Dale's Great Secret

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Dorothy Dale’s Great Secret

Dorothy Dale’s Great Secret

is a children’s book written by Margaret Penrose and published in 1912. The book is part of a series of novels featuring the titular character, Dorothy Dale, and her adventures with her friends and family. Dorothy is a young girl who is known for her kindness, intelligence, and courage.

The story begins with Dorothy and her family moving to a new town called Dalton. Dorothy’s father is a businessman and has been transferred to Dalton to manage a new factory. Dorothy is excited to start a new adventure in a new town and quickly makes friends with a group of girls who live nearby. The group includes Tavia, who becomes Dorothy’s best friend, and a few other girls who are initially wary of Dorothy’s arrival.

As the girls get to know each other, they begin to share their secrets with each other. Dorothy is hesitant to share her biggest secret, which is that her father is being blackmailed by a man named Aloysius Spires. Spires knows a secret about Mr. Dale that could ruin his career and reputation, and he demands a large sum of money in exchange for keeping the secret. Dorothy is determined to help her father and protect her family’s honor, but she is unsure of what to do.

Meanwhile, the girls are also dealing with other challenges. Tavia’s brother is accused of stealing, and the girls band together to clear his name. They also start a club called the “Merry Hearts” and organize various activities and events. The girls have many adventures, including a camping trip and a boat race on the lake.

As the story progresses, Dorothy becomes increasingly worried about her father’s situation. She confides in Tavia, who helps her come up with a plan to catch Spires in the act of blackmailing Mr. Dale. The girls gather evidence and eventually catch Spires red-handed. They turn the evidence over to the police, and Spires is arrested.

With the threat of blackmail removed, Dorothy is able to relax and enjoy her new life in Dalton. The girls continue to have adventures and share their secrets with each other. The book ends with a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

Dorothy Dale’s Great Secret is notable for its strong female characters and themes of friendship, loyalty, and courage. The book was written during a time when women’s roles in society were changing, and the idea of women banding together to support each other was becoming more common. The characters in the book demonstrate the power of female friendships and the importance of standing up for oneself and one’s beliefs.

The book also touches on the issue of blackmail and the harm it can cause. The character of Aloysius Spires is portrayed as a villain who preys on people’s fears and weaknesses. By exposing his actions, Dorothy and her friends are able to protect themselves and their families from his harm.

Overall, Dorothy Dale’s Great Secret is a charming and engaging book that will appeal to readers of all ages. Its themes of friendship, courage, and honesty are timeless and relevant, and the characters are relatable and endearing. The book is a testament to the power of female friendship and the importance of standing up for what is right.

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