From Missouri

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From Missouri by Zane Grey

“From Missouri”

is a western novel by Zane Grey, first published in 1926. Set in the rugged terrain of the western United States, the novel tells the story of Anthony Bard, a young man who sets out on a journey of self-discovery and adventure.

At the beginning of the novel, Anthony is a successful businessman living in New York City, but he is dissatisfied with his life and yearns for something more. When his doctor advises him to seek out the healing powers of nature in the west, Anthony sets out on a journey that will take him through some of the most remote and dangerous parts of the country.

As he travels, Anthony encounters a wide variety of characters, from cowboys and outlaws to Native Americans and settlers. He also falls in love with a young woman named Jean Isbel, whose family is embroiled in a bitter feud with their neighbors.

As the novel progresses, Anthony becomes increasingly involved in the feud, trying to find a way to reconcile the two families and bring peace to the region. Along the way, he must face numerous challenges and dangers, including ambushes, gunfights, and wild animals.

Throughout the novel, Zane Grey’s skill as a writer is on full display, as he vividly depicts the rugged beauty and harsh realities of life in the west. His descriptions of the landscape and the people who inhabit it are rich and detailed, and he has a keen eye for the small details that bring a scene to life.

At the heart of the novel is Anthony Bard, a complex and intriguing character who is both driven and flawed. He is driven by a desire for adventure and a need to find his place in the world, but he is also prone to arrogance and self-righteousness. As he becomes more involved in the feud between the Isbels and their neighbors, he begins to see the complexity of the situation and the toll that it is taking on everyone involved.

Despite the novel’s setting and genre, it touches on some deeper themes, particularly the nature of violence and the cost of revenge. As the feud escalates, Anthony begins to realize that there are no winners in a conflict like this, and that the only way to truly move forward is through forgiveness and reconciliation.

Overall, “From Missouri” is a gripping and entertaining western novel that offers both action and depth. Zane Grey’s writing is at its best here, as he creates a world that is both familiar and exotic, and populates it with characters that are both larger-than-life and deeply human. The novel remains a classic of the western genre and a testament to Zane Grey’s enduring popularity and influence.

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