From the Angle of Seventeen

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From the Angle of Seventeen

“Angle of Seventeen”

is a young adult novel written by Catherine Bruton. The book explores the lives of two teenagers, Milla and Agatha, who come from very different backgrounds and meet by chance on a summer’s day.

Milla is a working-class girl from a poor family in East London, struggling to make ends meet. She is bright, ambitious, and determined to escape the poverty that has defined her life. On the other hand, Agatha is a privileged, wealthy girl from a well-to-do family, who is used to getting everything she wants. She has never had to struggle for anything in her life and takes her comfortable lifestyle for granted.

Their paths cross when Agatha is forced to move to London for the summer while her parents work abroad. Agatha, accustomed to luxury and privilege, finds herself feeling lost and disconnected in a new environment. Milla, on the other hand, is intrigued by Agatha’s lifestyle and the opportunities it provides.

Despite their differences, the two girls strike up an unlikely friendship. As they spend more time together, they begin to see the world from each other’s perspectives and learn to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses. Milla discovers that she is capable of more than she ever thought possible, while Agatha learns the value of hard work and resilience.

However, their newfound friendship is tested when a tragedy strikes the community. Milla and Agatha are forced to confront their differences and the inequalities that exist in their society. Through their journey, they come to understand that their differences don’t have to divide them and that they can work together to make a difference.

“Angle of Seventeen” explores themes of friendship, social inequality, and the power of empathy. The book provides a thought-provoking and honest portrayal of the realities of life for many young people in contemporary Britain. It highlights the struggles faced by working-class families and the opportunities available to those from more privileged backgrounds.

The novel is also a commentary on the current state of British society, highlighting the deep divisions that exist between different classes and communities. The author draws on her own experiences of growing up in the UK and provides a nuanced and insightful analysis of the challenges facing young people today.

Overall, “Angle of Seventeen” is a powerful and engaging novel that will resonate with young adults from all backgrounds. It is a poignant reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding, and a call to action for young people to work together to create a fairer and more just society.


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