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General Max Shorter Book by Kris Ottman Neville

General Max Shorter

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General Max Shorter Book by Kris Ottman Neville

“General Max Shorter”

is a science fiction novel by Kris Ottman Neville, first published in 1962. The novel explores themes of power, corruption, and morality through the story of a man who rises to become the leader of a world-spanning empire.

The story begins in the distant future, where Earth has been united under the rule of the all-powerful General Max Shorter. Shorter is a charismatic and skilled military leader who has risen to power through a combination of political savvy, strategic genius, and the loyalty of his followers. However, his power has come at a great cost, and the people of Earth live in a society that is heavily regimented, where dissent is not tolerated, and individual freedoms are severely curtailed.

As the story unfolds, the reader is introduced to a diverse cast of characters who inhabit this world. There is Shorter’s right-hand man, Colonel Gantt, a ruthless military strategist who is fiercely loyal to his commander. There is also Angela Bond, a beautiful and intelligent woman who is secretly working to undermine Shorter’s regime from within.

The story is structured around a series of interconnected episodes, each of which explores a different aspect of Shorter’s rule. In one chapter, we see the brutal tactics that Shorter uses to crush a rebellion on a distant planet. In another, we witness the despair of a family torn apart by Shorter’s oppressive policies. Throughout the book, the reader is shown the toll that Shorter’s rule has taken on the people of Earth, as well as the struggles of those who are fighting to bring him down.

Despite its grim subject matter, “General Max Shorter” is not without its moments of humor and satire. Neville uses the book to skewer various aspects of human society, from the absurdity of bureaucracy to the dangers of blind obedience to authority.

Overall, “General Max Shorter” is a gripping and thought-provoking work of science fiction. Neville’s writing is sharp and engaging, and he does an excellent job of immersing the reader in his world. The novel’s exploration of themes such as power, corruption, and the dangers of authoritarianism is as relevant today as it was when the book was first published, making it a must-read for fans of science fiction and political thrillers alike.

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