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It, and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris


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It, and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris

It, and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by American author Gouverneur Morris, first published in 1912.

The collection includes eight stories, each exploring themes of love, money, and power in American society.

The title story, “It,” tells the tale of a young man named Jack and his infatuation with a mysterious woman known only as “It.” Jack’s obsession with It leads him on a wild and dangerous journey that ultimately challenges his own sense of identity and his beliefs about love and desire.

Other stories in the collection include “The Trimmed Lamp,” a satirical exploration of the American obsession with wealth and materialism; “The Story of a Story,” a metafictional tale about the creation and destruction of a literary masterpiece; and “The Higher Abdication,” a darkly comic story about a wealthy businessman’s efforts to escape his own success.

Through his vivid and often satirical portrayal of American society and culture, Morris offers a commentary on the social and economic forces that shape individual lives and experiences. His stories often explore the darker side of the American dream, exposing the greed, ambition, and corruption that lie beneath the surface of seemingly idyllic suburban life.

Despite its controversial reception, It, and Other Stories remains an important work in American literature and a significant example of the early 20th century satirical and realist movements. It offers insights into the changing attitudes and values of American society and provides a window into the struggles faced by those who sought to challenge traditional social norms.

The collection’s relevance has endured in the decades since its publication, as issues of love, money, and power continue to be major themes in American society. It, and Other Stories remains a powerful reminder of the importance of individual agency and the ongoing struggle for personal fulfillment and social justice in American life.

Overall, It, and Other Stories is a compelling collection of short stories that explores important themes and offers a critical commentary on American society and culture. Morris’s satirical and realistic portrayal of American life and his complex and engaging characters make the collection an enduring classic of American literature.

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