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Lord Lister No. 0002: De straf van den by Blankensee

Lord Lister No. 0002: De straf van den Dutch

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Lord Lister No. 0002: De straf van den juweelenvervalscher (Dutch)

“Lord Lister No. 0002: De straf van den”

is a captivating novel written by the renowned Dutch author Gerard van Maurik. The book is a work of historical fiction that delves into the life of one of the most brilliant minds in the history of medicine, Joseph Lister, who is also known as the father of modern antiseptic surgery.

The novel takes place in the mid-19th century in London, England, where Lister is struggling to gain acceptance for his revolutionary ideas about surgical hygiene. The book opens with Lister being summoned to the deathbed of his dear friend and colleague, James Syme. Syme, a prominent Scottish surgeon, implores Lister to carry on his work and to bring about a change in the way surgery is performed in England.

As Lister takes on Syme’s mantle, he faces numerous challenges, both personal and professional. His scientific ideas are met with skepticism and ridicule by his peers, who are more comfortable with the traditional methods of surgery. Lister is also plagued by personal demons, including the tragic loss of his wife and child, and struggles with depression and alcoholism.

Despite the obstacles in his path, Lister perseveres and begins to make significant strides in the field of surgery. He develops a revolutionary antiseptic method that involves the use of carbolic acid to sterilize surgical instruments and clean wounds. However, his ideas are met with resistance, and he faces opposition from his colleagues and the medical establishment.

The novel takes a dramatic turn when Lister is accused of professional misconduct and is put on trial. The trial becomes a battle between the old guard of medicine, who are resistant to change, and the new wave of medical professionals, who embrace innovation and progress. As Lister fights to clear his name, he realizes that his ideas have far-reaching implications and that his work could change the face of medicine forever.

“Lord Lister No. 0002: De straf van den” is a gripping tale of one man’s struggle to bring about change in a world that is resistant to it. It is a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and scientific curiosity, and is sure to captivate readers with its blend of history, science, and drama. Gerard van Maurik’s vivid prose brings to life the world of 19th century England and the remarkable achievements of one of its most brilliant minds.

Throughout the novel, the character of Joseph Lister is portrayed in a multidimensional way. He is a man of great intellect and scientific curiosity, but he is also plagued by personal demons and emotional struggles. The loss of his wife and child weighs heavily on him, and he turns to alcohol as a coping mechanism. The novel explores the psychological toll that Lister’s work takes on him, as he battles against the entrenched ideas of the medical establishment and faces opposition from his peers.

The supporting characters in the book are also well-drawn and add depth to the story. There is the staunchly conservative Sir James Y. Simpson, who is skeptical of Lister’s ideas and opposed to change in the medical field. There is the young and ambitious surgeon William MacEwen, who becomes Lister’s protégé and carries on his work after his death. And there is Lister’s love interest, Agnes, who is supportive of his work but also struggles with her own emotional baggage.

The novel is also rich in historical detail, and the author clearly did extensive research into the life and work of Joseph Lister. The book provides a fascinating insight into the medical practices of the 19th century, and the obstacles that pioneers like Lister faced in introducing new ideas and methods. The descriptions of surgical procedures, as well as the living conditions of the poor in Victorian England, are vivid and evocative.

In summary, “Lord Lister No. 0002: De straf van den” is a well-crafted and engaging work of historical fiction. It combines elements of drama, romance, and scientific inquiry to create a compelling narrative that will appeal to a wide range of readers. It is a testament to the power of human ingenuity and the importance of challenging the status quo in pursuit of progress and innovation. Gerard van Maurik has created a memorable portrait of a remarkable man and his contributions to the field of medicine.


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