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McAllister and His Double by Arthur Cheney Train

McAllister and His Double

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McAllister and His Double by Arthur Cheney Train

“McAllister and His Double”

is a mystery novel by American author Arthur Cheney Train, first published in 1913. The novel follows the adventures of lawyer Ephraim Tutt and his friend McAllister, a wealthy New Yorker, as they investigate a case involving mistaken identity and a man with a striking resemblance to McAllister.

The novel opens with McAllister being mistaken for another man, James Kirkham, by a group of criminals seeking revenge for a past crime. Kirkham, a notorious criminal, is believed to be hiding in New York City, and the criminals believe that McAllister is him. McAllister is kidnapped and held for ransom, but he manages to escape and contacts Tutt for help.

As Tutt and McAllister investigate the case, they discover that Kirkham has a striking resemblance to McAllister, and that the criminals may have targeted him by mistake. Tutt comes up with a plan to catch the criminals, using McAllister’s double to lure them into a trap. The plan is successful, and the criminals are caught and brought to justice.

The novel is notable for its clever plot twists and witty dialogue, as well as its colorful characters. Train was known for his ability to create vivid and memorable characters, and “McAllister and His Double” is no exception. McAllister is a larger-than-life figure, with a keen wit and a love of life, while Tutt is his down-to-earth and practical counterpart.

Train’s writing style is also notable for its humor and wit. He was known for his ability to blend comedy and mystery, and “McAllister and His Double” is a perfect example of this. The novel is filled with humorous moments and clever one-liners, making it an entertaining read from start to finish.

Overall, “McAllister and His Double” is a charming and entertaining mystery novel that is sure to delight fans of the genre. Train’s skillful plotting and sharp dialogue, combined with his memorable characters, make this a classic of the genre that has stood the test of time.

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