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Mont Oriol; or, A Romance of Auvergne: A Novel


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Mont Oriol; or, A Romance of Auvergne: A Novel by Guy de Maupassant

“Mont Oriol; or, A Romance of Auvergne” is a novel by the French author Guy de Maupassant, published in 1887.

The book is set in the town of Mont Oriol, located in the Auvergne region of France, which was a popular destination for wealthy vacationers in the late 19th century.

The novel tells the story of a group of guests staying at the fashionable Mont Oriol spa, which is renowned for its healing waters. Among the guests are Paul Brétigny, a wealthy businessman who has come to the spa to escape his stressful job and recover from a recent illness; Dr. Honorat, the spa’s resident physician; and Madame Desforges, a beautiful and seductive widow who quickly attracts the attention of the male guests.

As the guests take part in various spa treatments and social events, tensions begin to simmer beneath the surface. Paul becomes increasingly infatuated with Madame Desforges, despite her reputation as a heartless flirt, and finds himself drawn into a dangerous game of seduction. Meanwhile, Dr. Honorat must navigate his own complicated feelings towards Madame Desforges, who he has loved from afar for years.

As the novel progresses, the various relationships between the characters become more complex and fraught with tension. Madame Desforges, for her part, reveals a surprising vulnerability and depth of feeling, which complicates the dynamics between her and the other characters. Ultimately, the novel builds towards a dramatic climax, in which the characters’ deepest desires and secrets are revealed, and their lives are forever changed.

One of the key themes of “Mont Oriol” is the tension between desire and reason, as embodied by the character of Paul. At the beginning of the novel, Paul is a rational, practical man who prides himself on his ability to make sound decisions in business and in life. However, when he meets Madame Desforges, he becomes increasingly irrational and impulsive, abandoning his usual sense of caution in pursuit of his desire for her. This conflict between reason and desire is echoed in the other characters as well, as they struggle to reconcile their own desires with the constraints of social norms and expectations.

Another important theme in the novel is the tension between tradition and modernity. The spa at Mont Oriol represents a kind of old-fashioned luxury, with its elegant architecture and aristocratic clientele. However, the novel also portrays the spa as a site of social and technological innovation, with its advanced medical treatments and modern amenities. The tension between these two forces is embodied in the character of Dr. Honorat, who must balance his respect for tradition with his desire to embrace new medical techniques and ideas.

Finally, “Mont Oriol” can be read as a critique of the upper-class society that it portrays. The novel is full of characters who are petty, selfish, and hypocritical, and who seem more interested in social status and personal gain than in genuine human connection. Madame Desforges, in particular, is portrayed as a kind of archetypal femme fatale, who uses her beauty and charm to manipulate the men around her for her own pleasure. By exposing the hypocrisy and superficiality of the upper-class society that it portrays, “Mont Oriol” offers a sharp critique of the values and priorities of its time.

Overall, “Mont Oriol” is a rich and complex novel that explores a range of themes and ideas. It is notable for its vivid descriptions of the Auvergne landscape and the spa culture of the late 19th century, as well as for its incisive psychological portraits of its characters. With its themes of desire, reason, tradition, modernity, and social critique, “Mont Oriol” remains a powerful and relevant work of literature

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