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Montrose Author by Mowbray Morris


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  “Montrose” Author by Mowbray Morris is a comprehensive biography of James Graham, the Marquess of Montrose, who was one of the most celebrated military commanders of the Scottish Wars of the 17th century. The book provides a detailed account of Montrose’s life and career, from his early years as a nobleman to his military exploits during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

The book begins with Montrose’s upbringing and education, including his time at St. Andrews University. Morris provides insight into Montrose’s character and motivations, including his loyalty to the Scottish crown and his religious convictions. He also describes Montrose’s involvement in the court of Charles I, where he was known for his wit and charm.

Morris’ book also covers Montrose’s military career, including his involvement in the Covenanting Wars and his leadership of the Royalist forces during the Scottish Civil War. Morris provides a detailed account of Montrose’s campaigns, including his victories at Tippermuir, Aberdeen, and Inverlochy. He also describes the challenges faced by Montrose during this time, including the lack of support from the English crown and the infighting among the Scottish royalists.

One of the strengths of Morris’ book is his ability to provide context for Montrose’s actions. He describes the political and social climate of the time, including the tensions between the Covenanters and the Royalists. He also provides insight into the personalities and motivations of the key players, including Charles I and the Scottish nobility.

Morris’ writing is clear and engaging, and he presents a wealth of information in a way that is accessible to non-experts. He also provides extensive footnotes and references, which make the book a valuable resource for scholars and students.

Overall, “Montrose” is a well-researched and engaging biography of a complex and fascinating figure in Scottish history. Morris’ writing is both informative and entertaining, and he provides a wealth of information that will be of interest to anyone interested in the Scottish Wars of the 17th century or the military history of the era. His book is a valuable resource for scholars and students, as well as for anyone who simply enjoys a good biography.

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