Moon-madness, and other fantasies by Aimée Crocker Gouraud

Moon Madness

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“Moon-madness, and other fantasies” by Aimée Crocker Gouraud is a collection of captivating and imaginative tales that transport readers to worlds filled with magic, mystery, and wonder. Originally published in 1917, this collection showcases Gouraud’s talent for storytelling and her unique ability to blend elements of fantasy, adventure, and the supernatural. Through its vivid imagery, colorful characters, and thought-provoking themes, “Moon-madness, and other fantasies” offers readers an enchanting journey into the realms of imagination.


The collection features a diverse range of stories, each exploring different themes and settings while maintaining a sense of enchantment and wonder. From tales of otherworldly creatures to adventures in far-off lands, each story in “Moon-madness, and other fantasies” offers readers a unique and immersive experience.

One of the standout stories in the collection is “Moon-madness,” a captivating tale that follows the journey of a young woman who becomes enchanted by the mysterious allure of the moon. As she delves deeper into the secrets of the night sky, she discovers a hidden world filled with magic and wonder, where dreams and reality intertwine in unexpected ways.

Another memorable story is “The Garden of Dreams,” which transports readers to a lush and enchanted garden where anything is possible. As the protagonist explores this magical realm, she encounters a host of fantastical creatures and embarks on a quest to unlock the garden’s secrets and uncover the truth about her own destiny.

Other stories in the collection include “The Isle of Lost Dreams,” “The Enchanted Forest,” and “The Magic Mirror,” each offering its own unique blend of adventure, mystery, and romance. Through its diverse range of stories, “Moon-madness, and other fantasies” invites readers to explore the boundless possibilities of the imagination and discover the magic that lies within.


  1. The Power of Imagination: Central to the collection is the theme of the power of imagination. Each story invites readers to suspend disbelief and embark on a journey into the realms of fantasy and enchantment, where anything is possible. Through its vivid descriptions and evocative imagery, “Moon-madness, and other fantasies” celebrates the limitless potential of the human imagination.
  2. The Quest for Adventure: Many of the stories in the collection feature protagonists who embark on quests for adventure and discovery. Whether they are exploring hidden worlds, battling mythical creatures, or unraveling ancient mysteries, the characters in “Moon-madness, and other fantasies” are driven by a sense of curiosity and a desire for adventure.
  3. The Magic of the Natural World: Throughout the collection, Gouraud celebrates the beauty and wonder of the natural world. From enchanted forests to magical gardens, the settings of “Moon-madness, and other fantasies” are alive with vibrant colors, exotic landscapes, and mystical creatures. Through her lyrical prose and vivid descriptions, Gouraud invites readers to appreciate the magic that surrounds them in the everyday world.


“Moon-madness, and other fantasies” by Aimée Crocker Gouraud is a delightful collection of tales that will enchant and captivate readers of all ages. Through its imaginative storytelling, vivid imagery, and thought-provoking themes, the collection invites readers to explore the boundless possibilities of the imagination and discover the magic that lies within. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, adventure, or romance, “Moon-madness, and other fantasies” is sure to transport you to worlds beyond your wildest dreams.

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