Nana French

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Nana (French) by Émile Zola

Nana is a novel by French author Émile Zola.

It was first published in France in 1883, and has been called an important work of social realism. The novel follows the life of Nana, a young woman who lives with her mother and grandmother in Paris. While her mother works as a seamstress, Nana works as a laundress to help support them both. As the novel progresses, we learn about the harsh realities of their lives: how they struggle to make ends meet each month; how Nana’s mother refuses to allow her to leave the house because she believes that doing so would ruin her life; and how Nana must hide from the police when she is accused of stealing money from one of their customers.


The themes addressed in this novel include poverty and its effect on society; racism against blacks; class stratification; sexism; mental illness; and death.

Plot Twist

The plot twist at the end of this story is when Nana steals money from one of their customers and then hides from the police after they find out about it. This twist forces us to question.

In Nana, Émile Zola introduces us to the titular character, who is ultimately revealed to be a child abuser.

Nana is a 75-year-old woman with a young husband and son. She lives in Paris, France and has many friends nearby. Nana has a very active social life, including a close friendship with her friend Eugenie Grandet. Eugenie is known to be an attractive woman in her 30s who also has a young husband and child.

Nana’s life changes drastically when she becomes pregnant at age 45. Her husband has already passed away from tuberculosis before Nana became pregnant; now, her son will become the heir of their family’s fortune if he can survive his father’s death from tuberculosis. Nana fears that she will not be able to provide for her son if anything should happen to her during pregnancy or delivery; however, she decides that this must be done so that he can live comfortably after his father passes away (which is likely).

When Nana gives birth to her son Fernand, she realizes that something is wrong with him: he cries uncontrollably for hours at a time and cannot sleep well at night because of it. He does not look like most other children.

Nana is a great story about a young woman named Nana who lives in Paris, France. She has been raised by her grandmother, who is very old and not well. Her grandmother is unable to take care of herself anymore and has come to live with her daughter and granddaughter.

Nana lives with her mother, who works as a seamstress, but does not have enough money to support herself and her mother who has dementia. They live in poverty and have no money for food or clothes. Their house is very small and dirty, but it’s all they have.

One day Nana’s mother tells her that she needs to find a way to help them all get out of poverty so they can have enough money to survive. Nana decides she will work hard at school so she can get into medical school so she can become a doctor and save her family from poverty!

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