Œuvres complètes de Gustave Flaubert, tome


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Welcome to “Œuvres complètes de Gustave Flaubert, tome,” a comprehensive collection showcasing the complete works of one of the most influential French novelists of the 19th century. In this free ebook, readers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the literary universe of Gustave Flaubert, exploring his masterful prose, keen observations, and profound insights into the human condition.


“Œuvres complètes de Gustave Flaubert, tome” presents readers with an extensive selection of Flaubert’s works, spanning his entire literary career. From his groundbreaking debut novel “Madame Bovary” to his lesser-known short stories and essays, this ebook offers a comprehensive overview of Flaubert’s oeuvre.

Readers will have the chance to experience the full range of Flaubert’s writing, from his meticulous attention to detail and vivid characterizations to his exploration of complex themes such as love, desire, and the quest for meaning. Whether you’re a seasoned Flaubert aficionado or a newcomer to his works, this ebook provides an unparalleled opportunity to engage with one of the greatest literary minds of the 19th century.


  1. Realism and Naturalism: Flaubert is celebrated for his commitment to literary realism, portraying the everyday lives of ordinary people with unflinching honesty and detail. His works are characterized by their meticulous attention to language and description, as well as their exploration of the human psyche.
  2. Critique of Society: Throughout his writing, Flaubert offers incisive critiques of contemporary French society, exposing its hypocrisies, contradictions, and moral failings. From the bourgeois ennui of “Madame Bovary” to the corruption of the legal system in “L’Éducation sentimentale,” Flaubert’s works provide searing indictments of the social order.
  3. Exploration of Desire: Desire, both physical and emotional, is a central theme in Flaubert’s work. His characters grapple with passions and longings that often lead to tragedy, as seen in the doomed love affair of Emma Bovary or the obsessive pursuit of beauty in “Salammbô.”
  4. Art and Aesthetics: Flaubert was deeply engaged with questions of art and aesthetics, and his works reflect a profound engagement with the nature of creativity and the role of the artist in society. His novel “Sentimental Education” explores the relationship between art and life, while his essays and letters offer valuable insights into his own artistic process.
  5. Existential Themes: Flaubert’s writing is marked by a sense of existential ennui and disillusionment, reflecting the broader cultural anxieties of the 19th century. His characters often grapple with questions of meaning, identity, and the search for authenticity in an increasingly fragmented and alienating world.


“Œuvres complètes de Gustave Flaubert, tome” is a testament to the enduring legacy of one of France’s greatest literary figures. Through his meticulous prose, penetrating insight, and uncompromising vision, Flaubert continues to captivate and challenge readers around the world. Whether you’re a devoted fan of his work or a curious newcomer eager to explore the richness of French literature, this ebook offers a unique opportunity to engage with the complete works of a literary master. Dive into the pages of “Œuvres complètes de Gustave Flaubert, tome” and discover the timeless brilliance of Gustave Flaubert’s writing.

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