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Play the Game by Ruth Comfort Mitchell


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Play the Game by Ruth Comfort Mitchell

Play the Game is a novel by American author Ruth Comfort Mitchell, first published in 1910.

The novel explores the themes of gender roles, marriage, and societal expectations in early 20th century America.

The story revolves around Linda Lee, a young woman who is determined to find success in the male-dominated world of business. Linda defies societal expectations and takes a job as a saleswoman, where she quickly becomes successful due to her intelligence and charm. Along the way, she meets and falls in love with John Rawn, a successful businessman who challenges her views on love and marriage.

The novel explores the tension between traditional gender roles and the changing expectations of women in early 20th century America. Linda is portrayed as a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to challenge societal norms, while John represents a more traditional view of gender roles and marriage. The novel also explores the role of money and success in relationships, as Linda and John’s different views on success and ambition create conflict between them.

As Linda and John’s relationship progresses, they face challenges from John’s ex-fiancée and Linda’s ambitious coworker, who seek to sabotage their relationship and career success. The novel ultimately explores the theme of compromise, as Linda and John must find a way to reconcile their different views on love and success in order to make their relationship work.

Mitchell’s portrayal of Linda as a successful businesswoman challenged the prevailing view of women’s roles in American society at the time of publication. The novel was praised by some critics for its progressive portrayal of gender roles, while others criticized it for its perceived radicalism.

Despite its controversial reception, Play the Game remains an important work in American literature and a significant example of the early 20th century feminist movement. It offers insights into the changing attitudes and expectations of women in American society and provides a window into the struggles faced by those who sought to challenge traditional gender roles.

The novel’s relevance has endured in the decades since its publication, as issues of gender roles and the challenges faced by women in the workplace continue to be major themes in American society. Play the Game remains a powerful reminder of the importance of equality and the ongoing struggle for women’s rights in American life.

Overall, Play the Game is a compelling novel that explores important themes and offers a progressive portrayal of women’s roles in early 20th century America. Mitchell’s vivid descriptions of Linda’s career success and her relationship with John provide readers with a window into a pivotal moment in American history, while her compelling characters and engaging plot make the novel an enduring classic of American literature.

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