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Red Nails by Robert E. Howard is a short story

Red Nails

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Red Nails

Red Nails

Red Nails” is a short story by American author Robert E. Howard, first published in 1936. The story is set in the Hyborian Age, the fictional world created by Howard for his stories about the legendary hero Conan the Barbarian.

In “Red Nails,” Conan is hired by the beautiful Valeria of the Red Brotherhood, a notorious pirate, to help her escape from a lost city deep in the jungles of a mysterious land. The city is inhabited by the remnants of a once-great civilization and is dominated by a council of Elders, who have locked themselves away in their palace, unwilling to leave.

As Conan and Valeria explore the city, they encounter a variety of dangers, including strange beasts and deadly traps set by the Elders to protect their city. They also encounter a strange and terrifying creature, a green-skinned, bird-like being that seems to be the source of the city’s power and protection.

As Conan and Valeria delve deeper into the city, they discover that the Elders are being held captive by the green-skinned creature and are being forced to use their magic to keep it fed and healthy. The creature is revealed to be an ancient, supernatural being that has lived for eons and is sustained by the life force of its captive Elders.

In the climax of the story, Conan and Valeria team up to defeat the green-skinned creature and free the Elders. In the process, they also discover a vast treasure trove of gold and jewels, which they take as their reward.

“Red Nails” is considered to be one of Howard’s best Conan stories, and is noted for its fast-paced action, thrilling adventure, and imaginative world-building. The story is also a prime example of Howard’s writing style, which blends elements of sword and sorcery with horror and supernatural elements to create a unique and captivating story.

In conclusion, “Red Nails” is a classic of the sword and sorcery genre, and is a must-read for fans of Robert E. Howard and the Conan the Barbarian stories. With its imaginative setting, thrilling action, and memorable characters, it remains a beloved work of fiction that continues to captivate and entertain readers to this day.

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