Ring Once for Death by Robert Arthur


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For those who savor a deliciously creepy mystery novel, “Ring Once for Death” by Robert Arthur is a must-read classic of the genre. Originally published in 1958, this gripping tale has endured for generations as a masterwork of suspense and intrigue.

We are delighted to offer this iconic thriller as a free ebook to introduce more readers to Arthur’s literary mastery. With its delightfully sinister plot and memorable characters, “Ring Once for Death” is a quintessential page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The Story

The novel opens with the elderly Mrs. Bell receiving an ominous phone call in the dead of night. A harrowing voice on the other end utters just one haunting phrase: “Ring once for death.” Shaken to her core, she tries unsuccessfully to trace the call before suffering a fatal heart attack.

This gripping prologue kicks off a suspenseful chain of events that ensnares the book’s protagonist, rookie policeman Lee Chelovsky. As he investigates Mrs. Bell’s strange demise, Lee finds himself inextricably bound to a twisted game of murder and mind games orchestrated by a psychopathic killer.

With each new corpse that surfaces, the madman calling himself “The Ripper” taunts Lee and the police with his mocking phone calls. Amidst the rising body count, Lee must race against the clock to unmask the elusive killer before he strikes again. But “The Ripper” always seems to be one step ahead, deftly covering his tracks in a terrifying display of criminal genius.

As the stakes escalate, Lee’s dogged pursuit puts himself and his new bride Bunny in the crosshairs of the sadistic murderer. What began as a seemingly routine case rapidly spirals into a heart-pounding game of cat-and-mouse where even the tiniest misstep could prove fatal.

Robert Arthur’s Mastery

While “Ring Once for Death” is undeniably a masterpiece of the mystery/thriller genre, it is Arthur’s unparalleled skill as a storyteller that truly elevates the novel. From the outset, his richly atmospheric prose casts an ominous pall that permeates every page, drawing the reader inescapably into the dark drama unfolding.

Arthur is a master at carefully ratcheting up the suspense through agonizing slow-burn tension interspersed with bursts of sheer terror. The novel’s pace is perfectly pitched, with meticulously constructed scenes of quiet dread punctuated by heart-stopping moments of sheer mayhem.

But perhaps Arthur’s greatest accomplishment is his deft characterization. Both the brave, tenacious Lee and the depraved “Ripper” are vividly realized, multi-layered characters who defy simplistic stereotypes. The former grows increasingly obsessed and unhinged as the case slips through his fingers, while the latter exhibits flashes of deranged brilliance that make him all the more frightening.

The evocative supporting cast is equally unforgettable, from Lee’s devoted new wife Bunny to the haunted souls trapped in the Ripper’s torturous grip. These memorable personalities continue to linger in the reader’s psyche long after the final, pulse-pounding climax.

An Enduring Legacy

More than six decades since its original publication, “Ring Once for Death” remains a stellar exemplar of the suspense genre. Robert Arthur’s tour-de-force blending of psychological terror and ingenious plotting has ensured the novel’s status as a bone-chilling classic.

For longtime fans of mystery fiction as well as newcomers to Arthur’s work, this free ebook edition offers a fresh opportunity to experience the deliciously dark thrills of “Ring Once for Death.” Brace yourself for a haunting plunge into the twisted psyche of a master killer, guided by Arthur’s deft hand every riveting step of the way.

Whether you’re a devout Arthur aficionado or simply a reader craving an exquisitely crafted tale of mystery and menace, don’t miss your chance to download this iconic descent into madness and murder. Let the ominous ring of “Ring Once for Death” echo through your imagination — if you dare.

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