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Satan” by Lewis Sperry Chafer

is a comprehensive study of the biblical figure of Satan, the fallen angel who is often depicted as the embodiment of evil. The book explores the origins, nature, and activities of Satan, as described in the Bible and other sources.

Chafer begins by examining the biblical accounts of Satan’s fall from heaven and his subsequent activities on earth. He notes that Satan is described as a powerful and cunning adversary, who seeks to deceive and destroy humanity through various means, such as temptation, deception, and oppression.

The book then delves into the nature of evil, and the role that Satan plays in the spiritual realm. Chafer argues that Satan is not merely a symbol of evil, but a real and active spiritual being who seeks to thwart God’s purposes in the world. He describes Satan as the “god of this world,” who seeks to blind and deceive people, and to undermine the work of Christ and his followers.

Chafer also explores the concept of demonic possession, and the various ways in which Satan and his minions can influence and control human beings. He argues that possession is a real phenomenon, and that it can manifest in a variety of ways, such as mental illness, addiction, and other destructive behaviors.

Throughout the book, Chafer emphasizes the importance of spiritual warfare, and the need for Christians to be vigilant and prepared for the attacks of Satan and his minions. He stresses the importance of prayer, spiritual discipline, and the use of the Word of God as powerful tools in the fight against evil.

“Satan” is a comprehensive and detailed study of one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in the Bible. Chafer’s writing is clear and concise, and he presents his arguments in a logical and persuasive manner. The book is an essential resource for anyone who seeks to understand the nature of evil, and the ways in which Satan and his minions seek to undermine the work of God in the world.

Overall, “Satan” is a thought-provoking and insightful book that will be of interest to theologians, scholars, and anyone who is interested in the spiritual dimensions of human existence. It is a powerful reminder of the reality of evil in the world, and the importance of standing firm in the face of spiritual adversity.

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