Siddhartha: A Poem of India

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Siddhartha: A Poem of India

Siddhartha: A Poem of India

Siddhartha, the name echoes through the ages, A prince, a seeker, with wisdom and sage. In ancient India, where the Ganges flows, His journey begins, with a search for the truth he knows.

Born into wealth and luxury untold, He yearned for something deeper, something bold. The answers to life’s greatest mysteries, The essence of existence, a quest that would set him free.

So he left his palace, his family and throne, With nothing but robes, and a heart full of stone. He wandered the countryside, seeking divine light, Through endless conversations, with scholars and sages alike.

But still he was empty, still he was blind, The answers he sought, he could not find. So he turned to asceticism, and took up the life of a sage, Fasting, meditating, in search of a deeper engagement.

Years passed, and he learned much from his solitude, He discovered the nature of suffering, the cycle of birth and mood. But even this knowledge, as profound as it was, Left him unsatisfied, still searching, because…

The truth he sought was not to be found in the mind, Or in books, or teachings, of any kind. It was within himself, in the stillness of his soul, And when he discovered this, he was finally whole.

He realized that the way to enlightenment lay, In the balance of life, in the here and now, every day. That all that exists is the present moment, so true, And in living life fully, one finds the path that is due.

So he lived, spreading love and compassion, Teaching all who would listen, the way to liberation. And in this way, he showed us all, That the path to truth, is within us, standing tall.

And so Siddhartha, his name will live on, Inspiring generations, long after he’s gone. For his journey, though ancient, is timeless, it’s true, And it speaks to the heart, of me, and of you.

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