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Talbot’s Angles by Amy Ella Blanchard


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Talbot’s Angles by Amy Ella Blanchard

Talbot’s Angles” is a captivating children’s book written by Amy Ella Blanchard.

The book tells the story of a young girl named Margaret Talbot, who has an interest in mathematics and angles. Her fascination with angles takes her on a journey of discovery and self-discovery, where she learns about the beauty of math and its application in the world around her.

The book begins with a young Margaret, who is fascinated by the angles she sees in everything around her. From the angle of the sun’s rays to the shape of a bird’s wings, Margaret is constantly observing and analyzing the world around her. As she grows older, Margaret’s interest in angles only grows, and she begins to study math in earnest.

One day, while attending a lecture on math at a local university, Margaret meets a professor named Dr. Bannister. Dr. Bannister is an expert in the field of geometry, and Margaret is immediately drawn to his passion for math. Through her conversations with Dr. Bannister, Margaret learns about the concept of Talbot’s Angles, which are a set of angles that occur naturally in the world around us.

Margaret becomes obsessed with finding Talbot’s Angles in everything she sees, and she spends hours exploring her neighborhood, looking for examples of these angles. Her journey takes her to unexpected places, and she meets a variety of interesting people along the way, including a painter, a builder, and a scientist.

Throughout the book, Margaret’s love for math is infectious, and readers are encouraged to see the beauty and practical application of math in their own lives. Blanchard’s writing is engaging and accessible, and she uses real-world examples to make complex mathematical concepts understandable for young readers.

In addition to exploring the world of math, “Talbot’s Angles” also touches on themes of self-discovery and perseverance. Margaret faces challenges along the way, including a difficult math test and a frustrating search for Talbot’s Angles in a particularly challenging location. However, she never gives up, and her determination inspires readers to never give up on their own passions and interests.

The book also features beautiful illustrations by artist Jay Boersma. Boersma’s images bring Blanchard’s words to life, and they help readers visualize the angles and shapes that Margaret is so fascinated by. The illustrations are detailed and colorful, and they capture the wonder and curiosity of the young protagonist.

Overall, “Talbot’s Angles” is an excellent children’s book that combines math, science, and storytelling in a compelling and accessible way. It encourages young readers to see the beauty and practicality of math in their own lives, and it inspires them to pursue their passions and interests with perseverance and determination. Whether you’re a young reader with an interest in math or a parent looking for a book to spark your child’s curiosity, “Talbot’s Angles” is a must-read.

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