The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery

The Castlecourt

How to Solve The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery by Molly Thynne: A Guide for Amateur Sleuths

The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery-by Molly Thynne

Do you love classic crime novels with intriguing plots, clever clues, and charming characters? If so, you might enjoy reading The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery by Molly Thynne, a forgotten gem of the Golden Age of detective fiction. In this book, you will follow the adventures of Dr. Constantine, a Greek intellectual and chess master, who teams up with Inspector Arkwright of Scotland Yard to solve a baffling case of jewel theft and murder.

But reading the book is not enough. If you want to truly appreciate the brilliance of Molly Thynne’s writing, you need to try to solve the mystery yourself. How? By following these simple steps:

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 Molly Thynne


  • Step 1: Get a copy of the book. You can find it online as a free download, or buy a paperback edition with illustrations.
  • Step 2: Read the book carefully and pay attention to the details. The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery is not a whodunit, but a howdunit. You already know who the culprit is from the beginning, but you need to figure out how they did it and why.
  • Step 3: Take notes of the clues and the suspects. The book has 12 chapters, each with a different witness statement. You will hear from various characters, such as Lady Castlecourt, the owner of the diamonds; Sir Arthur Braid, a famous painter; Mrs. Vane, a mysterious widow; and Mr. Rumbold, a shady lawyer. Each of them has something to hide or reveal about the case.
  • Step 4: Compare your notes with Dr. Constantine’s deductions. At the end of each chapter, Dr. Constantine will share his thoughts and insights with Inspector Arkwright and you, the reader. He will point out the inconsistencies, contradictions, and gaps in the witness statements, and suggest possible explanations or solutions.
  • Step 5: Check your answers with the final reveal. In the last chapter, Dr. Constantine will expose the whole truth about the Castlecourt Diamond Mystery and reveal how he solved it. He will also explain the motive and the method of the crime, and how he caught the culprit red-handed.

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Why Read The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery by Molly Thynne?

You might be wondering why you should read The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery by Molly Thynne when there are so many other crime novels to choose from. Here are some reasons why this book is worth your time:

  • It is a rare and original example of a classic crime novel that features a Greek detective as the hero. Dr. Constantine is not your typical English gentleman or eccentric sleuth. He is a cultured and cosmopolitan scholar who speaks several languages and has a keen mind for logic and chess.
  • It is a clever and complex puzzle that will challenge your brain and keep you guessing until the end. The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery is not a simple or straightforward case. It involves multiple layers of deception, disguise, and misdirection. You will need to use your wits and imagination to follow the clues and crack the code.
  • It is a fun and entertaining read that will transport you to another era and place. The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery is set in London in the 1930s, a time of glamour and intrigue. You will enjoy the colorful descriptions of the characters, the settings, and the atmosphere of the period.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery by Molly Thynne:

  • Q: Who is Molly Thynne?
  • A: Molly Thynne was an English mystery author who wrote six novels between 1928 and 1933. She was born into a noble family and had connections with famous artists such as James Whistler and Rudyard Kipling. She stopped writing after her last novel, He Dies and Makes No Sign, which is considered one of the best of the Golden Age mysteries.
  • Q: Is The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery based on a true story?
  • A: No, The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery is a fictional story that was inspired by Molly Thynne’s imagination and knowledge of art and history. However, some aspects of the story may have been influenced by real events or people, such as the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911 or the murder of Sir Charles Bravo in 1876.
  • Q: What are some other books by Molly Thynne that I can read?
  • A: If you liked The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery, you might also enjoy reading Molly Thynne’s other novels, especially her Dr. Constantine series. The series consists of three books: The Crime at Noah’s Ark, Death in the Dentist’s Chair, and He Dies and Makes No Sign. In each book, Dr. Constantine solves a different mystery with the help of Inspector Arkwright and his friends.


The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery by Molly Thynne is a classic crime novel that deserves more attention and appreciation from modern readers. It is a well-written and well-plotted story that will test your skills as an amateur sleuth and delight you with its twists and turns. If you are looking for a book that will stimulate your mind and entertain your senses, you should give The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery a try. You won’t regret it!

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