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The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Colors

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The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley

“The Colors of Space”

is a science fiction novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley. First published in 1963, the book tells the story of Bart Steele, a young man who dreams of becoming a space pilot. When he is given the opportunity to become a crew member of a spaceship, Bart jumps at the chance, but soon finds himself caught up in an intergalactic conflict that threatens the safety of the entire galaxy.

The novel is set in the far future, when humans have colonized many planets and developed advanced technology. Bart lives on Earth, which is a backwater planet with few opportunities for someone like him. He is determined to leave Earth and become a space pilot, but he must first overcome the obstacles that stand in his way.

When Bart is recruited to join the crew of a spaceship that is exploring a distant planet, he is excited to finally have the chance to pursue his dreams. But as the crew members travel through space, they encounter a dangerous alien race that is intent on destroying all humans in the galaxy. Bart and his fellow crew members must work together to stop the aliens and save the galaxy.

The novel explores themes of courage, determination, and the struggle against adversity. Bart is a determined and resourceful protagonist who never gives up, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. His courage and perseverance inspire those around him, and he proves that even a small and seemingly insignificant person can make a big difference.

The book is also notable for its depiction of women in science fiction. Marion Zimmer Bradley was a pioneer in the field of science fiction and fantasy, and she was one of the first authors to create strong and complex female characters in her work. In “The Colors of Space,” the female characters are just as important and capable as the male characters, and they play key roles in the story’s plot.

Overall, “The Colors of Space” is an exciting and thought-provoking novel that explores important themes and features memorable characters. It is a must-read for anyone who loves science fiction and is interested in the work of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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