The Convert by Elizabeth Robins


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The Convert by Elizabeth Robins

“The Convert” by Elizabeth Robins is a novel that explores the themes of religion, gender, and social justice in the late 19th century.

The book follows the story of an American woman named Ruth Holland, who becomes involved with the Salvation Army and converts to Christianity.

In the introduction, Robins sets the scene by describing the social and political climate of the time. She notes that the late 19th century was a period of great change and upheaval, marked by the rise of industrialization, the growth of urbanization, and the emergence of new social and political movements.

Robins then goes on to introduce the protagonist of the novel, Ruth Holland. She describes Ruth as a young woman who is searching for meaning and purpose in her life, and who becomes drawn to the Salvation Army and its message of salvation and redemption.

As the novel unfolds, Ruth becomes increasingly involved with the Salvation Army, and begins to question the values and beliefs of her own upper-class background. She becomes a vocal advocate for social justice, and becomes involved in the fight for women’s rights and other progressive causes of the time.

Throughout the novel, Robins explores the complex themes of religion and gender, and how these intersect with issues of social justice and political power. She delves into the tensions between the traditional values of the upper class and the emerging values of the working class, and the ways in which these tensions play out in Ruth’s life.

Robins also explores the ways in which religion can be both liberating and oppressive, and the complex relationship between faith and social justice. She examines the role of women in the church and in society at large, and the ways in which women’s voices and perspectives are often silenced or marginalized.

Ultimately, “The Convert” is a novel that challenges readers to question their own beliefs and values, and to consider the ways in which religion, gender, and social justice intersect in our own lives. It is a powerful and thought-provoking work that still resonates with readers today.

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