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The Dare Boys of 1776 by Stephen Angus

The Dare Boys of 1776

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The Dare Boys of 1776.

“The Dare Boys of 1776”is a young adult novel written by Stephen Angus, first published in 1901. The novel tells the story of two teenage brothers, Dick and Tom Dare, who become caught up in the American Revolutionary War and fight for independence against the British.

The novel is set in the year 1776, during the early stages of the Revolutionary War. Dick and Tom live in a small New England town and are enthusiastic supporters of the colonial cause. When news of the battles at Lexington and Concord reaches their town, they are eager to join the fight for independence.

The novel follows the Dare brothers as they enlist in the Continental Army and participate in a series of battles and skirmishes against the British. They encounter a range of colorful characters, both friends and foes, as they struggle to survive and help secure victory for the colonial forces.

One of the central themes of the novel is patriotism and love of country. The Dare brothers are motivated by a deep sense of loyalty to their fellow colonists and a belief in the ideals of freedom and democracy. They are willing to risk their lives to defend these values, and their bravery and sacrifice serve as a model for young readers.

Another key theme of the novel is the importance of family and community. The Dare brothers are supported by their parents and siblings, and they also form close bonds with their fellow soldiers and other patriots. The novel emphasizes the idea that strength comes from unity and that working together is essential to achieving common goals.

The novel also deals with issues of morality and ethics. The Dare brothers are faced with difficult choices, such as whether to spare the lives of their British enemies or to risk their own safety to protect innocent civilians. The novel encourages young readers to think critically about right and wrong and to make ethical decisions based on their own sense of justice.

Overall, “The Dare Boys of 1776” is a classic adventure story that celebrates the ideals of freedom, democracy, and patriotism. Its relatable characters and exciting plot make it a timeless novel that will appeal to young readers interested in history and adventure. The novel’s positive messages about bravery, unity, and the importance of standing up for what is right make it a valuable addition to any young person’s reading list.

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