The Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Complete

The Lives


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“The Lives of the Twelve Caesars

is a historical account of the reigns of the first twelve Roman emperors, written by the Roman historian Suetonius. It was first published in 121 AD during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

The book is divided into twelve sections, one for each emperor. Each section provides a biographical account of the life and reign of the emperor, as well as details about their family, their policies, and their personal habits. The work is considered an important source of information about the Roman Empire, and it has been widely read and studied by historians and scholars for centuries.

Suetonius was a contemporary of many of the emperors he wrote about, and he had access to official records and firsthand accounts of their reigns. He was also known for his attention to detail and his colorful and lively writing style. In “The Lives of the Twelve Caesars,” he portrays the emperors as flawed and often cruel rulers who were prone to excess and debauchery.

The book is notable for its detailed descriptions of the personal lives of the emperors, including their sexual exploits, their use of torture and execution, and their relationships with their families and advisors. Suetonius also includes many anecdotes and stories about the emperors, some of which are still well-known today.

Despite its historical significance, “The Lives of the Twelve Caesars” is also known for its sensationalism and bias. Suetonius was writing during a time of political instability and uncertainty, and his work reflects the biases and prejudices of his time. He often portrays the emperors in a negative light, and his descriptions of their behavior and actions may not always be accurate.

Despite these limitations, “The Lives of the Twelve Caesars” remains an important work of Roman history and literature. Its vivid descriptions of the Roman Empire and its rulers have captivated readers for centuries, and its influence can be seen in the works of many later writers and historians. Whether read for its historical value or simply for its entertaining stories and colorful characters, “The Lives of the Twelve Caesars” remains a classic of world literature.


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