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The Man Who Knew by Edgar Novel by Edgar Wallace

The Man

The Man Who Knew: A Classic Thriller by Edgar Wallace

The Man Who Knew by Edgar Novel by Edgar Wallace

The Man Who Knew is a 1918 British thriller novel by Edgar Wallace, one of the most prolific and popular writers of the early 20th century. The novel features a mysterious detective who investigates the death of a South African diamond magnate in London, and uncovers a web of intrigue and deception. The novel is a fast-paced and suspenseful story that showcases Wallace’s talent for creating engaging characters and plot twists.

Edgar WallaceEdgar Wallace


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Edgar Wallace was a British writer who wrote over 170 novels, 24 plays, and countless articles and short stories. He was one of the most widely read authors of his time, and his works have been adapted into over 160 films, including the classic King Kong. Wallace was known for his crime and adventure stories, and his trademark style of combining humor, action, and mystery.

One of his most popular novels was The Man Who Knew, published in 1918. The novel is a thriller that follows the investigation of a young man’s murder in Gray Square, Bloomsbury. The victim is identified as Frank Martin, the nephew and heir of John Martin, a wealthy South African diamond merchant. The police suspect that the motive was robbery, as Martin was carrying a large amount of cash and jewels.

However, the case takes a surprising turn when a small, shabby man in an ill-fitting frock coat and large gold-rimmed spectacles appears at the scene. He claims to be a friend of John Martin, and reveals that he has a newspaper advertisement from the deceased’s waistcoat pocket. The advertisement reads: “Wanted, by a young gentleman of good education and address, a position of trust and responsibility. Apply Box X. 10, Daily Mail.”

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The shabby man introduces himself as Mr. Reeder, and tells the police that he is a private detective who specializes in solving unusual and difficult cases. He says that he knows the identity of the killer, and that he has been tracking him for a long time. He also says that the advertisement was a trap set by the killer, who lured Martin to his death.

The police are skeptical of Mr. Reeder’s claims, but they agree to let him assist them in the investigation. Mr. Reeder proves to be a formidable detective, who uses his keen observation, intuition, and knowledge of human nature to unravel the mystery. He also reveals that he has a personal connection to the case, as he was once a friend of John Martin, and that he knows a dark secret about his past.

The Man Who Knew is a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you follow Mr. Reeder’s pursuit of the elusive and ruthless killer. The novel is full of twists and turns, and features a colorful cast of characters, such as May Nuttall, a beautiful and innocent girl who was Martin’s fiancée, Frank Merril, a handsome and charming journalist who becomes Reeder’s ally, and Dr. Stalletti, a sinister and cunning Italian doctor who is the mastermind behind the murder.

The novel is also a fascinating glimpse into the social and historical context of the early 20th century, as it portrays the contrast between the rich and the poor, the influence of the media, the impact of the First World War, and the rise of new technologies and sciences. The novel is a testament to Wallace’s skill and imagination, and a classic example of his genre.

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  • Who is the man who knew in the novel?
    • The man who knew is Mr. Reeder, a private detective who has a remarkable ability to solve complex and unusual cases. He is the protagonist of the novel, and the main character who drives the plot forward.
  • What is the genre of the novel?
    • The novel is a thriller, a genre that involves suspense, excitement, and danger. The novel also has elements of mystery, crime, and adventure, as it involves a murder investigation, a hidden treasure, and a chase across continents.
  • When and where is the novel set?
    • The novel is set in 1918, during the final year of the First World War. The novel mainly takes place in London, England, but also has scenes in Paris, France, and Johannesburg, South Africa. The novel reflects the social and historical conditions of the time, such as the class divisions, the war propaganda, and the scientific developments.


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