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The Missing Will Author by Agatha Christie

The Missing

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The Missing Will by Agatha Christie

“The Missing Will” is a classic mystery short story by the renowned author Agatha Christie. It was first published in 1925 as part of the collection “The Thirteen Problems.”

The story centers around a group of friends who gather together to solve a mystery. One of the friends, Miss Marple, is known for her ability to solve complex crimes through her powers of observation and deduction.

In “The Missing Will,” the group is presented with the case of a missing will. A wealthy man named Mr. Richard Abernethie has died, and his family is gathered together for the reading of his will. However, it soon becomes clear that the will is missing, and there is no way to determine who the true heirs of the Abernethie fortune are.

Miss Marple and her friends begin investigating the case, interviewing family members and trying to uncover clues that might lead them to the missing will. As they dig deeper, they discover a web of secrets and hidden motives, and the case becomes increasingly complex.

The story is full of twists and turns, and readers are kept guessing until the very end. Christie’s writing is sharp and clever, and she expertly weaves together a complex and intricate plot. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, and their motivations and actions are believable and consistent.

What makes “The Missing Will” particularly intriguing is the way in which Christie explores the themes of inheritance and family relationships. The story highlights the tensions and conflicts that can arise within families over money and inheritance, and the lengths to which people will go to protect their interests.

Through the character of Miss Marple, Christie also delves into the role of women in society and their ability to navigate complex social situations. Miss Marple is a shrewd and perceptive observer of human behavior, and her insights into the motives and actions of the characters are central to the resolution of the mystery.

Overall, “The Missing Will” is a classic Agatha Christie mystery that will delight fans of the genre. With its intricate plot, well-drawn characters, and themes that are still relevant today, the story remains a timeless example of the art of detective fiction.


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