The Polly Page Yacht Club

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The Polly Page Yacht Club

The Polly Page Yacht Club”

is a children’s novel written by Lillian Elizabeth Roy, first published in 1913. The story follows a group of young girls who form a yacht club and embark on a series of adventures and challenges on the water.

The novel is set in a small seaside town, where the protagonist, Polly Page, lives with her family. Polly is a spunky and adventurous girl who loves the ocean and dreams of sailing. She is inspired by her grandfather, who was a sea captain and instilled in her a love of the sea.

One day, Polly and her friends come across an old boat that has been abandoned on the beach. They decide to fix it up and form a yacht club, with Polly as the captain. The group is made up of six girls, each with her own unique personality and skills.

As the yacht club sets sail, they encounter a series of challenges and obstacles. They must navigate rough waters, avoid dangerous rocks, and outsmart rival sailors. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about teamwork, leadership, and perseverance.

The novel is a celebration of friendship and girl power. The girls in the yacht club support each other and work together to overcome obstacles, demonstrating the importance of cooperation and solidarity. The novel also challenges gender stereotypes, showing that girls are just as capable as boys when it comes to sailing and adventure.

In addition to its themes of friendship and empowerment, “The Polly Page Yacht Club” is also an entertaining and exciting adventure story. The sailing scenes are vividly described, and readers will feel as though they are on board the boat with Polly and her friends. The novel also includes a mystery subplot, as the girls try to uncover the identity of a mysterious man who has been spotted lurking around town.

Throughout the novel, Roy emphasizes the importance of values such as honesty, loyalty, and bravery. The girls in the yacht club must make difficult decisions and face their fears, but they always remain true to their principles and stand up for what is right.

Overall, “The Polly Page Yacht Club” is a charming and inspiring novel that will appeal to young readers who love adventure stories and stories about friendship. Its positive messages about teamwork, empowerment, and the value of strong female friendships make it a timeless classic that is still relevant today.

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