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The Sagamore of Saco by Elizabeth Oakes Smith

The Sagamore

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The Sagamore of Saco

is a novel by Elizabeth Oakes. It is the story of a young Native American boy named Asa who finds himself in the middle of a war between his family and the British settlers on his island. The novel details Asa’s journey to find his place in this new world, as well as his family’s journey to find their place among the settlers.

Asa is the son of Tokumah and Tukano-Kanien’kéha, an elderly couple who have been married for many years and have lived on Saco Island for most of Asa’s life. When Asa was born, Tokumah dreamed that he would become the next Sagamore of Saco—a man who would lead his people in battle against any threat they faced. Tukano-Kanien’kéha believed this to be true because she knew that Tokumah had seen something through her dream that only someone who possessed great power could see. However, when Asa was born there was no sign that he would ever inherit any kind of great power—he was only a weak boy with no special abilities or skills that would make him able to lead others into battle against enemies

The Sagamore of Saco is a story about a young Native American girl named Winona and her family. Winona’s mother, Pemmican, is the tribe’s medicine woman, and she has been called upon to heal the sick, but she is also struggling with her own health.

The story begins with Winona’s cousin who is away from the tribe with his wife and child. When he returns, he brings news that Pemmican has died. This is devastating for everyone, but particularly for Winona because this means that she will be left without her mother’s guidance. When Winona’s father decides that they should move away from their home and find somewhere else to live, she does not want to go. She knows that Pemmican would have wanted them all to stay together in one place so they could continue practicing traditional ways of life that have been passed down through generations before them.

As time goes on and life changes around them due to their decision not follow tradition by moving away from home, Winona begins to feel more alone than ever before in her life. She begins to believe she is not worthy of being loved or cared

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