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The Young Visiters or, Mr. Salteena’s Plan by Daisy Ashford

The Young

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The Young Visiters or, Mr. Salteena’s Plan by Daisy Ashford


“The Young Visiters or, Mr. Salteena’s Plan” is a novel by Daisy Ashford, which was first published in 1919. Despite being written by a nine-year-old girl, the novel is a charming and humorous look at society and romance in Victorian England. The book is notable for its use of misspellings and grammatical errors, which give the story a childlike innocence and a unique sense of humor.

The novel tells the story of Alfred Salteena, a middle-aged man who dreams of becoming a gentleman. He decides to take the young and beautiful Ethel Monticue under his wing and turn her into a lady. However, his plans are complicated when Ethel falls in love with Bernard Clark, a wealthy and charming young man who is also the object of Salteena’s own affections.

As the story unfolds, we see the characters navigate the complexities of Victorian society, with its rigid class structure and strict codes of behavior. Despite their best efforts, the characters often find themselves making mistakes and getting into amusing and sometimes embarrassing situations. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about love, friendship, and the importance of being true to oneself.

One of the most remarkable things about “The Young Visiters” is the way it captures the language and customs of Victorian England. Despite being written by a child, the novel is full of detailed observations about the fashions, manners, and speech of the time. This attention to detail makes the story feel authentic and gives readers a glimpse into the world of the past.

Another notable aspect of the novel is its humor. Ashford’s use of misspellings and grammatical errors adds a playful and endearing quality to the story. The characters often say things that are unintentionally funny, and their innocent misunderstandings and miscommunications are a source of much of the book’s humor.

Overall, “The Young Visiters” is a delightful and entertaining novel that offers a unique perspective on Victorian society and romance. Despite its unconventional style, the book has endured as a beloved classic and a testament to the creative talent of its young author.


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