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They Looked and Loved; Or, Won by Faith by Mrs. Alex

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They Looked and Loved; Or, Won by Faith by Mrs. Alex

“They Looked and Loved; Or, Won by Faith”

is a novel by Mrs. Alex, a popular 19th-century author known for her romantic fiction. The novel was first published in 1873 and tells the story of two sisters, Elinor and Mary Fortescue, who must navigate the complexities of love, faith, and family in Victorian England.

The novel begins with the introduction of the Fortescue family, a wealthy and respected family living in London. Elinor and Mary are the daughters of the family, and while they are close, they have very different personalities. Elinor is serious and devout, while Mary is more carefree and interested in society.

As the novel progresses, both sisters find themselves entangled in romantic relationships. Elinor falls in love with Frank Howard, a young man who is studying to be a clergyman. Frank is also deeply devoted to his faith, and Elinor finds in him a kindred spirit. However, their relationship is threatened when Frank’s father, a wealthy and influential man, disapproves of Elinor’s family and tries to break them apart.

Meanwhile, Mary falls in love with Edward Merton, a wealthy and charming young man who is well-respected in society. However, Edward is not as devoted to his faith as Elinor and Frank are, and Mary finds herself torn between her love for him and her desire for a partner who shares her beliefs.

Throughout the novel, the themes of faith and love are intertwined, as the characters struggle to reconcile their religious beliefs with their romantic desires. Mrs. Alex explores the complexities of Victorian society, where religion played a significant role in people’s lives and often determined their social status and prospects for marriage.

The novel also explores the challenges of family relationships, as the Fortescue sisters must navigate their relationships with their parents and siblings. Elinor is particularly close to her father, who shares her deep devotion to religion, but she struggles with her mother’s disapproval of her relationship with Frank. Mary, on the other hand, must deal with the expectations of her society-minded mother, who encourages her to marry for wealth and status.

Mrs. Alex’s writing is engaging and evocative, and she captures the nuances of Victorian society with a keen eye. She portrays the struggles and triumphs of her characters with sensitivity and depth, and the novel is a rich tapestry of love, faith, and family.

“They Looked and Loved; Or, Won by Faith” was widely popular in its time and remains a beloved classic of Victorian literature. It is a poignant and timeless exploration of the complexities of human relationships and the challenges of reconciling faith and love. Readers who enjoy romantic fiction, historical fiction, and Victorian literature will find much to love in this engaging and insightful novel.

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