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Two Timer Author by Fredric Brown

Two Timer

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Two Timer by Fredric Brown


“Two Timer” is a science-fiction short story written by Fredric Brown, originally published in the August 1953 edition of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine. The story is a classic example of Brown’s unique and often humorous style of writing, which has made him one of the most beloved and celebrated authors of science fiction’s golden age.

The story follows a man named William Gant, who has just been released from prison after serving a three-year sentence for embezzlement. William is determined to start a new life and put his criminal past behind him, but things take an unexpected turn when he discovers that he has been implanted with a time-travel device that allows him to jump back in time by exactly twelve hours.

William quickly realizes that he can use this device to his advantage, traveling back in time to undo any mistakes or misdeeds that he may have committed in the past. He starts by traveling back twelve hours to the moment just before he committed the embezzlement that landed him in prison, and successfully prevents himself from committing the crime.

However, as William continues to use the time-travel device to correct his mistakes, he soon realizes that there are consequences to his actions. Each time he travels back in time, he creates a new timeline, and the person he was in that timeline ceases to exist. As William jumps back and forth through time, he becomes increasingly paranoid and anxious, unsure of who he really is and whether the world around him is real or simply a figment of his imagination.

As the story unfolds, William’s mental state begins to deteriorate, and he becomes obsessed with using the time-travel device to erase any trace of his past crimes. However, he soon discovers that the device is not infallible, and that his actions may have unintended and disastrous consequences for himself and those around him.

“Two Timer” is a fascinating exploration of the concept of time travel, and the ethical and psychological implications that come with the ability to change the past. Brown’s writing is engaging and fast-paced, drawing the reader into William’s world and leaving them on the edge of their seat as they watch him struggle to navigate the complex and dangerous landscape of time travel.

Overall, “Two Timer” is a thought-provoking and entertaining science fiction story that will appeal to fans of the genre and anyone interested in the complex relationship between time, memory, and identity.


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