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Action on Azura Author by Robertson Osborne

Action on Azura


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Action on Azura by Robertson Osborne

“Action on Azura” is a science fiction novel written by Robertson Osborne, originally published in 1961. The book is set in the year 2120, and tells the story of a group of humans who are stranded on the planet Azura after their spaceship crashes.

The book begins with an introduction to the main characters. The protagonist is John Granger, a former astronaut who is now the captain of the spaceship Atlas. Other important characters include Dr. Sardis, the ship’s medical officer, and Mary Grant, a young woman who is a member of the crew.

The action begins when the Atlas is attacked by an unknown enemy spaceship. The Atlas crashes on the planet Azura, which is inhabited by a primitive alien race. The crew of the Atlas must work together to survive on the planet and find a way to repair their ship.

As the crew explores the planet, they discover that the aliens are not as primitive as they first appeared. They encounter a group of aliens who are capable of advanced technology, and who seem to be working with the attackers who caused the Atlas to crash.

The crew of the Atlas must navigate a series of challenges in order to repair their ship and escape from the planet. They face obstacles such as hostile aliens, harsh environmental conditions, and limited resources. Along the way, they also discover a mysterious artifact that may hold the key to understanding the aliens’ motives.

Throughout the book, Osborne explores themes such as teamwork, survival, and the limits of human technology. He also raises questions about the ethics of interacting with alien species, and the potential consequences of human actions in space.

The book’s fast-paced action and suspenseful plot make it an engaging read for science fiction fans. Osborne’s descriptions of the alien landscapes and technology also add depth and interest to the story.

In conclusion, “Action on Azura” is a thrilling science fiction novel that explores the challenges of survival and teamwork in a hostile alien environment. Osborne’s engaging writing style and well-developed characters make the book a must-read for fans of the genre, and its themes and questions about the nature of human interactions with alien species continue to be relevant today.


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