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All Cats Are Gray Author by Andre Norton

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All Cats Are Gray by Andre Norton


“All Cats Are Gray” is a science fiction short story written by Andre Norton, first published in 1953. The story is set in a future where space travel is commonplace and humanity has colonized many planets throughout the galaxy. The story follows a spaceship captain named Dane Thorson and his crew as they encounter a mysterious woman named Tau.

Tau is a woman of unknown origin who has been living alone on a remote planet for years. She befriends Thorson and his crew, and they agree to take her with them on their next mission. As they travel through space, Tau reveals that she has a secret ability that allows her to communicate telepathically with all living creatures, including cats.

As the story unfolds, the crew becomes embroiled in a dangerous mission to retrieve a valuable cargo from a hostile planet. Tau’s telepathic powers prove to be invaluable in helping the crew navigate through dangerous situations and avoid detection. However, as they get closer to their goal, they begin to realize that Tau may have her own ulterior motives for joining their crew.

One of the key themes of the story is the power of telepathy and communication. Tau’s ability to communicate with all living creatures, including cats, allows her to gather information and gain a deeper understanding of the world around her. The story suggests that communication is a powerful tool that can be used to bridge gaps between different species and foster understanding.

Another important theme of the story is the nature of trust and loyalty. The crew initially takes Tau in as a friend and ally, but as the mission becomes more dangerous, they begin to question her true motives. The story raises important questions about the nature of trust and loyalty, and whether it is possible to truly know and understand another person’s motivations.

Overall, “All Cats Are Gray” is a well-crafted and entertaining science fiction story that explores important themes related to communication, trust, and loyalty. Andre Norton’s writing is engaging and atmospheric, and her vivid descriptions of the alien landscapes and creatures encountered by the crew add to the story’s sense of adventure and wonder.


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