Riddle of the Storm

Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL: A Gripping Adventure That Will Take You to the Wilds of Canada


If you love a good adventure, you probably know the name Roy J. Snell. He was one of the most popular and prolific writers of the 20th century, producing over 80 novels, as well as short stories, poems, and articles. His works have been enjoyed by millions of readers of all ages, and they have been translated into many languages and adapted into films, radio shows, and comics.



One of his best-known novels is Riddle of the Storm, published in 1932. It is a fast-paced and exciting story that takes place in the wild and rugged lands of northern Canada, where the weather can change in an instant, and where danger lurks behind every corner. The novel features Curlie Carson, a young and daring pilot who works for the Midwest Airways, a company that provides air service to the remote and isolated communities along the Mackenzie River. Curlie loves his job, but he also loves a good mystery, and he soon finds himself in the middle of one when he encounters a mysterious gray plane that seems to have no pilot, no identification, and no purpose. Who is flying this plane, and what are they after? What is the secret of the storm that threatens to destroy everything in its path? And what is the connection between the plane, the storm, and a hidden treasure that has been lost for centuries? These are the questions that Curlie must answer, with the help of his friends and allies, before it is too late. 🛩️

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the plot, the main characters, and the author of Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the novel and provide some tips on how to enjoy it even more. Let’s get started!

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Plot Summary

Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL begins with Curlie Carson flying his plane along the Mackenzie River, delivering mail and supplies to the scattered settlements. He is enjoying the scenery and the solitude, when he suddenly hears a loud roar and sees a gray plane flying low over him. He is shocked and curious, as he recognizes the plane as the “Gray Streak”, a mysterious and notorious aircraft that has been reported to be involved in various crimes and robberies in the region. The plane has no markings, no name, no number, and no pilot, as far as Curlie can tell. He decides to follow it and find out more about it, but he soon loses sight of it in the snow and the clouds. He wonders who is flying the plane, and what they are up to. 🕵️‍♂️

Meanwhile, Johnny Thompson, Curlie’s old friend and fellow adventurer, is in another part of Canada, working as a radio operator for a mining company. He is bored and restless, and he longs for some excitement and action. He gets his wish when he receives a strange message from a mysterious voice, telling him to go to a certain location and look for a clue. The voice claims to be a friend of Curlie’s, and to have some important information for him. Johnny is intrigued and suspicious, and he decides to follow the instructions and see what happens. He soon finds himself in a dangerous and thrilling quest, involving a hidden treasure, a secret code, and a mysterious woman. He also learns that the treasure is somehow linked to the “Gray Streak”, and that he is not the only one looking for it. He has to use his wits and his courage to solve the riddle and find the treasure, before it falls into the wrong hands. 🔎

The novel follows the adventures of Curlie and Johnny, as they try to unravel the mystery of the “Gray Streak”, the storm, and the treasure. They face many challenges, obstacles, and enemies, as well as some allies and friends. They travel across the vast and beautiful landscapes of Canada, from the frozen rivers and forests, to the rocky mountains and valleys, to the stormy seas and islands. They encounter many wonders and dangers, such as wild animals, native tribes, hidden caves, ancient ruins, and flying machines. They also discover many secrets and surprises, such as the identity of the “Gray Streak” pilot, the origin of the treasure, and the meaning of the storm. They also learn some valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and courage. The novel is a thrilling and enjoyable read, full of action, suspense, humor, and romance. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 🌪️

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Main Characters in Riddle of the Storm

Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL features a lively and lovable cast of characters, each with their own personality, background, and role in the story. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Curlie Carson: The protagonist and the hero of the story. He is a young and talented pilot who works for the Midwest Airways, delivering mail and supplies to the remote communities along the Mackenzie River. He is adventurous, curious, and fearless, and he loves a good mystery. He is the first one to spot the “Gray Streak”, and he decides to investigate it and find out its secrets. He is also loyal and kind, and he cares deeply for his friends and allies, especially Johnny Thompson and Maybelle Clark. 💘
  • Johnny Thompson: Curlie’s friend and partner. He is a young and skilled radio operator who works for a mining company in another part of Canada. He is bored and restless, and he jumps at the chance to join Curlie in his quest. He is smart, witty, and brave, and he often uses his radio skills and gadgets to help Curlie and himself. He is also a gentleman and a romantic, who falls in love with Doris Templeton during the course of the adventure. 💕
  • Maybelle Clark: The heroine and the love interest of the story. She is a young and beautiful woman who lives in a cabin along the Mackenzie River, with her father, a fur trader. She is sweet, gentle, and innocent, and she is unaware of the secrets and the dangers that surround her. She is rescued by Curlie from a pack of wolves, and she gradually develops feelings for him, as he protects her and reveals the truth to her. 💖
  • Doris Templeton: The other heroine and the love interest of the story. She is a young and attractive woman who works as a secretary for a wealthy and powerful man, Mr. Templeton, who is also her uncle. She is smart, brave, and independent, and she is not afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. She is kidnapped by the “Gray Streak” pilot, who turns out to be her cousin, and she is taken to a secret island, where the treasure is hidden. She is rescued by Johnny, who falls in love with her, and she helps him and Curlie to solve the mystery and find the treasure. 💗
  • The “Gray Streak” pilot: The antagonist and the villain of the story. He is the mysterious and elusive man who flies the “Gray Streak”, a gray plane that has no markings, no name, no number, and no pilot. He is cunning, greedy, and ruthless, and he is behind a series of crimes and robberies in the region. He is also the mastermind behind the storm, which he uses to cover his tracks and to create a diversion. He is after the treasure, which he believes is his rightful inheritance, and he will stop at nothing to get it. He is also the arch-enemy of Curlie and Johnny, who are determined to catch him and expose him. 😈

About the Author

Roy J. Snell was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1878. He had a varied and adventurous life, working as a teacher, a farmer, a sailor, a reporter, and a missionary, before becoming a full-time writer in 1914. He wrote his first novel, The Blue Envelope, in 1914, and it was a success. He went on to write over 80 novels, as well as short stories, poems, and articles. He was one of the most popular and prolific writers of his time, and he earned a fortune from his works. He also founded his own publishing company, The Reilly & Lee Co., and his own magazine, The Young People’s Weekly. He died in Wisconsin, USA, in 1959. He was 81 years old. 📚

Snell is best known for his adventure and mystery novels, which feature young and brave heroes and heroines who face various challenges and dangers in exotic and exciting locations, such as the Arctic, the Amazon, the Sahara, and the Himalayas. He created several famous series, such as the Radio-Phone Boys, the Mystery Stories for Boys and Girls, and the Curlie Carson series.

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FAQs about Riddle of the Storm

Here are some frequently asked questions about Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL and their answers:

  • Q: Is Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL based on a true story?
  • A: No, Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL is a fictional story, created by the author’s imagination. However, some of the elements and the details of the story may have been inspired by Snell’s own experiences as a traveler and a writer, as well as by the events and the people of his time. For example, the character of Curlie Carson may have been influenced by the real-life pilot Charles Lindbergh, who was famous for his solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.
  • Q: Is Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL part of a series?
  • A: Yes, Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL is part of a series of novels featuring Curlie Carson, the young and daring pilot who loves a good mystery. The series is called the Curlie Carson series, and it consists of six novels, published between 1931 and 1936. The titles of the novels are: The Mystery of the Chinese Ring, The Mystery of the Crimson Flash, The Mystery of the Hidden Room, Riddle of the Storm, The Mystery of the Iron Box, and The Mystery of the White Elephant.
  • Q: Is Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL suitable for children?
  • A: Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL is a novel that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, as long as they have a taste for adventure and mystery. The novel is not very violent or graphic, and it does not contain any explicit or inappropriate content. However, the novel does deal with some mature and complex topics, such as crime, treasure, betrayal, and survival, and it may contain some outdated or offensive language or expressions, reflecting the time and the culture of the author. Therefore, parents or guardians may want to supervise or discuss the novel with their children, especially if they are young or sensitive. 👪
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Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL is a classic adventure novel that will captivate and entertain you from the first page to the last. It is a masterpiece of suspense, humor, and romance, written by one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. If you are looking for a thrilling and enjoyable read, you should definitely give it a try. You won’t regret it! 😍

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Riddle of the Storm By ROY J. SNELL and its author. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to share them with us. We would love to hear from you. 🙌

Happy reading! 📖



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