Patty’s Friends by Carolyn Wells


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Welcome to “Patty’s Friends” by Carolyn Wells, a charming and heartwarming collection of stories featuring the lovable characters from the Patty Fairfield series. As we offer this ebook for free, we invite readers to join Patty and her friends on a series of delightful adventures filled with laughter, friendship, and fun.


“Patty’s Friends” brings together a collection of short stories featuring Patty Fairfield and her beloved circle of friends, including her cousin Ethelyn, her best friend Mabel, and her faithful canine companion, Snap. Set in the early 20th century, the stories follow Patty and her friends as they navigate the joys and challenges of growing up in a small town, from schoolyard pranks and holiday celebrations to summer picnics and weekend outings.

As Patty and her friends embark on a series of escapades, they encounter a colorful cast of characters, including eccentric relatives, nosy neighbors, and mischievous pets. From solving mysteries and thwarting villains to staging amateur theatricals and organizing charity events, Patty and her friends are always up for a new adventure.


At its core, “Patty’s Friends” celebrates the timeless themes of friendship, loyalty, and the joys of childhood. Through the experiences of its characters, the collection offers a heartwarming portrayal of the bonds that unite friends and the magic of youthful innocence.

As Patty and her friends navigate the ups and downs of adolescence, they learn valuable lessons about the importance of kindness, compassion, and standing up for what is right. From the highs of triumph and success to the lows of disappointment and failure, Patty and her friends discover that true friendship is a treasure worth cherishing.

Writing Style:

Carolyn Wells’ writing style is characterized by its wit, humor, and keen observation of human nature. With her lively prose and engaging dialogue, Wells creates a world that is at once familiar and enchanting, inviting readers to lose themselves in the timeless adventures of Patty and her friends.

Through her vivid descriptions and evocative language, Wells brings to life the sights, sounds, and sensations of small-town America in the early 20th century. From the cozy comforts of Patty’s family home to the bustling streets of the town square, Wells’ writing is imbued with a sense of nostalgia and warmth that will resonate with readers of all ages.

With its blend of humor, heart, and whimsy, “Patty’s Friends” offers readers a delightful and entertaining reading experience that is sure to leave them smiling. Whether you’re a fan of classic literature or simply seeking a charming escape from the stresses of everyday life, this ebook promises to transport you to a world of laughter, love, and friendship.


In “Patty’s Friends” by Carolyn Wells, readers will find a delightful collection of stories that celebrate the joys of friendship, the magic of childhood, and the wonders of imagination. Whether you’re drawn to tales of adventure and excitement or simply seeking a lighthearted read to brighten your day, this ebook offers a charming and heartwarming journey through the pages of Patty’s world. So come, join us on a series of delightful escapades with Patty and her friends, and discover the timeless joys and enduring friendships that await within the pages of this enchanting collection.

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